The Importance of Regular Exercise


Regular exercise benefits everyone in many ways. To begin with, exercise can be a great mood elevator. The body produces endorphins during rigorous activity. These endorphins are chemicals that enable a person to feel calmer and happier. Along with increased happiness, stress relief occurs causing the person to feel less anxiety.

Regular exercise has been proven to help ward off many chronic illnesses. The good cholesterol (HDL) is elevated. HDL helps protect against heart attack. The bad cholesterol (LDL) is lowered with exercise. Too much LDL forms plaque deposits in the blood and narrows the arteries. Triglycerides (a fat produced in the body) are also lowered by regular exercise. With elevated HDL, lowered LDL and lowered triglycerides, blood pressure can be kept under control.

People with arthritis can really benefit from moderate regular exercise. Many arthritis patients experience reduced joint stiffness and pain with physical activity. Exercise can increase flexibility and endurance while building strong muscles that surround the joints.

An exercise routine can help the body age more gracefully. Weight bearing exercises such as jumping, running and brisk walking help prevent bone thinning (osteoporosis) and can build up bones and make them strong.

During an exercise workout, metabolites are produced that burn calories and fat and also improve blood-sugar control. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are therefore managed with a good work-out program that keeps the weight at a normal level.

One problem some of us face when trying to stick to a routine exercise program is that it's just not fun to run around a track or we may find it hard to find time to go to the gym for a workout.  Thanks to modern technology however there are many of ways we can exercise in our own homes in very fun and entertaining ways. is one suggested site to check out to learn about fun new gaming systems such as the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 with the new "Move" technology which allow you to interact physically with the gaming system with advanced motion sensitive controls.

Regular exercise encourages a good night’s sleep which is very important to feeling your best. Just like our friends at the investment website, we understand that with the stress of the modern workday, it can be difficult to balance work responsibilities, family, and fitness time, but without proper rest, we are not able to function at our most productive levels during the wakeful hours. This is why we should all try to get seven to eight hours rest each night.  It is best, however, to not exercise too close to bedtime because this can be too energizing and prevent sleep. Exercise does increase the person’s energy level and needs to be timed right with the sleep schedule.

Regular physical exercise can improve a dull sex life. Being more energized and toned and looking better overall will cause a more positive outlook about sex. Women can experience enhanced arousal. Older men can escape the problem of erectile dysfunction if they make a habit of exercising.

People who have an exercise routine are more prone to adhering to a nutritious and healthy diet since a healthy body is important to them. All ages benefit greatly from regular exercise. The results are nothing but positive with exercising and a better quality of life will be experienced.